His first vintage was in 1832. By 1853 his York Wines production reached more
than 3,400 gallons and his wines became known from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
It took a destructive railroad right of way to put the family out of business after about five decades.

Warren Homestead - York, New York
Warren Homestead
York, New York
The York Historical Society Presents The New York Heritage Collection To Help Restore The Birthplace of New York's Wine Industry

Surprise! Contrary to all the usual accounts, the first successful commercial winegrower in New York State was pioneer Samuel Warren of York, Livingston County!

New York Heritage Wine Collection

To help finance the restoration and development of its recently purchased historic 1830s Warren Homestead - the birthplace of
New York's wine industry
, the York Historical Society is introducing
a line of superior wines and a sparkling hard apple cider based on heirloom 19th century grapes - and the Northern Spy apple - such
as the Warrens grew. A charitable donation to the Society is
built-in to the selling price. All are fruity and pleasantly sweet.
The New York Heritage Collection
bears collectible labels that link these wines to the fascinating story of the pioneering Warren family.

Re-writing New York's wine history - Click here for more information.

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